Endorphin RX1

450 kr -50% 899 kr

Varemærke: FAMME

Farve: White

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Endorpgin RX1 are light running shoes with good cushioning and a thick sole. The shoes can also be styled and worn as leisure shoes with tights, jeans or shorts. The Endorphin RX1 provides good support and sits comfortably on the foot during long runs. With Ortholite insole and ventilating mesh, the Endorphin RX1 provides soft support around the ankles and heel.

The thick outer sole made of lighter EVA foam combined with Ortholite technology gives your feet good cushioning regardless of whether you walk alot to work or run long distances.

The shoes can be washed. Remove the laces and insole and set the washing machine on 30 degrees with low spin.

- Chunky EVA outsole

- Ortholite insole

- Soft support around the ankles

- RX1 Stability

- Fits both wide and narrow feet